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it is in the world of 'Vishnu' consciousness, the Preserver, because it is the gross physical center of digestion, assimilation and preservation of heat and body energy. This is the state of deep sleep. Little of what goes on here is remembered, except in fitful sleep and indigestion. That is where the nightmares originate, as it takes considerable energy to rouse the mind to a state of awareness and to waken that person.

Deep unconsciousness and sleep govern the work in all the lower plexuses. It has been said that sleep and death are twins. How do they compare? In death the soul withdraws the mind and all its energies and senses upward to the optic thalamus, and leaves from there, as an energy radiation, through the top of the head - through the same path of the fontanels through which the energy (soul) entered the body while in the mother's womb.

At death, all connections with the nerve centers of the body are broken. The soul's energies are withdrawn from the extremities first, and these become cold and rigid. From the lower nerve centers or chakras upward, the soul gathers its energies and retires upward and inward to the brain. From the brain it leaves the body, like a radiant light. Any one who has attended a dying person, if he is at all sensitive, could be aware of this. There is an uplift and a hallowed feeling as the soul leaves the body, its prison house of matter.

WHAT HAPPENS IN ANESTHESIA? The ether, gas or chloroform, inhaled and circulated through the blood stream, displaces the natural proportion of oxygen. The 'Prana' and the mind principle cannot function then. The soul leaves the body and usually hovers immediately above the head, but does not break its connection nor its 'silver cord' tie to the heart center. That is the color of this fine energy bond, which is the silver thread of Life:

"Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the bowl be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern." (Ecc. 12:6)


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