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The Four Elements Make the Zodiac in the Body

[See Book 1, Chart 4 and Book 1, Chart 5]


The first principle is the Fire element, the area of the head, and corresponds to Aries, the Ram's Horns or Energy, butting through.

The next pole of this principle falls on the upper part of the abdomen, and represents the fire principle in the solar plexus and the splanchnic [intestinal] plexus, using this in digestion and assimilation, and corresponds to Leo, the Lion, the rebuilder of Energy and Strength.

The negative pole of the fire element falls on the thighs, represented by Sagittarius, the Archer, that flies like an arrow. This propels the body in motion and movement in space, and speed due to energy.

Therefore, this fire element is the first requirement. Nature starts its thread of weaving the body in the womb, along the notochord. This is the basis of the Cerebrospinal Nervous System, and the pathway of Consciousness or Soul power of Being, expressed through mind energy flow, sensation and individual motion. The solar plexus has been called the second abdominal brain by the noted Dr. Byron Robinson. It is the center of emotions and of the Autonomic Nervous System.


The next triangle is the principle of Air, the respiratory and circulatory system. Strange as it may seem, the head or neutral point of this triad is opposite in the circle to that of the Fire triad. Its center is in Libra, the Great Balancer, the Scales, given to the functions of the internal secretions of the ductless glands, the suprarenals, and the external elimination of the kidneys. It is a balance between the Air and the Water principles, and stimulates the Fire principle in its action. The chest contains this dual function of respiration and oxidation of the blood stream.

A line drawn upward in the circle, places the positive pole in the chest - the astrological sign of Gemini - the Twins (the twin functions of the two arms).

A line drawn downward, places the negative pole at Aquarius, the Waterman, symbolized by the ankles, in the lower triad of the body - as expression of motion, through the air principle.


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