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The Four Elements Make the Zodiac in the Body

[See Book 1, Chart 4 and Book 1, Chart 5]

Physiologically, we have always known the correlation of the swollen ankles and their pitting, to kidney disfunction. Why this should be so, has not been explained. The energy pattern flow is the only possible and reasonable explanation. "As above so below" is the law of each element in its function.


The third triangle has its neutral point in the astrological sign of Cancer, the Crab, represented by the breasts and the entire lymph circulation, as well as the generative principle and function.

The positive pole of this triangle is represented by Scorpio (Scorpion - the loins) with its deadly sting. How close the pleasure of life and the pain of death lie side by side! BIRTH AND DEATH ARE BUT OPPOSITE POLES OF THE SAME PROCESS.

The negative end of this triad is in the feet, especially the soles. This is the sign of Pisces, the Fishes, and relates the body to the energy of the earth, as currents.

It has always been noted how quickly wet feet react upon health, stopping the menstrual flow in women, causing lymphatic congestions, colds and head symptoms. Why? Has material science ever given a logical basis for all these symptoms in their sequence of reactions? These answers are illustrated in charts No. 4 and 5, and explained in this chapter.


The Earth triad has its neutral point in Capricornus [Capricorn], the Goat - the knees. Its positive pole is Taurus, the Bull - the neck. Its negative pole is Virgo, the Virgin - the bowels and digestion. Again, there is quite a correlation here of the energy currents of the earth element.

Psychologically, we have the Bible references to a stiff-necked generation, the bending of the knees in surrender; also "opening the bowels of compassion to our neighbor"[1], etc.

Physiologically, a stiff neck, pain in the neck and at the base of the skull is always associated with some sort of upset or stasis in the bowels and digestion, and is a Pneumogastric Nerve [vagus nerve, CN X] Reflex. It is not necessarily constipation; there are many other gastro-intestinal [gastrointestinal] reflexes.

1 1 John 3:17


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