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Chart No. 6: Anterior View of Gravity Lines and Contact Points to Balance Impounded Stress and Strain on Muscles and Viscera

[See Book 1, Chart 6]

(1) The brain and the nervous system are the conductors of the Mind principle in action. Like the air, it is present everywhere, in every cell of the body. It is an airy nothing which gives direction from within outward to lines of force and action. By invisible wireless impulses, mind produces the primary cause of motion. By stepped down energy currents it flows through the switchboard of the delicate brain mechanism, over the entire nervous system, for selective and specific function.

(2) The Fire Principle is present in the light of the eyes as its positive pole, to give external direction for the internal impulses of cellular action through muscular motion.

(3) The neck represents the Etheric field, or plane of Akash [akasha, aakaasha] in eastern terminology. It is a link between the mind and the body as a cross road of currents from above downward, and reflexes from below upward. Its reflex action is clearly expressed by the term: "Sticking the neck out."

(4) The chest cavity is the oval field or Tattwa [tattva] for the action of the Neuter [neutral] pole of the Air principle as the respiratory system.

(5) The heart, as the center of circulation, is also an oval field in the chest. The warmth of the fire of the sun as its motivating impulse, as in the blood stream. The Neuter [neutral] pole of the airy essence is its oxidizing principle, active in every cell of the healthy body.

(6) The abdominal cavity, below the diaphragm, represents the oval field of the earth element or Tattwa [tattva]. The Fire principle flows through the solar (sun) plexus and the abdominal nerve centers as the impulse for Digestion, Assimilation and Elimination.

(7) The Pelvic cavity, bounded by the peritoneum superiorly and posteriorly is the horizontal oval cavity of the Water element. Through it flows the Energy Essence of the moon as the genitourinary [urogenital] system.

(8) The thighs and the buttock muscles are levers of motion for the body. The negative pole of the Fire principle flows through them for action and for running.


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