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Chart No. 8

[See Book 1, Chart 8]

proceed from a higher vibratory cause or center to the circumference, or lower center. They descend and become evident because that is the path of the energy current flow which built the body and which sustains it and heals it.

Should we not follow the paths which Nature has built in the body (like our highways in the world) for its own ENERGY CIRCUIT TRAVEL? Doesn't Nature or Life operate by other paths than chemistry and mechanics? Are these the side roads or are they the HIGHWAY OF LIFE?

GANGLION OF IMPAR RELEASE: With the patient lying face downward, contacts - deep on each side of the coccyx above line A - are mostly for the purpose of releasing muscle stagnation or lumps in the glutei. The purpose of this treatment is for the release of the ganglion of impar impulses to the pelvic region. The blocks of muscular density and the lumps indicate stagnation in that area and prevent this current flow. This obstruction interferes with the balance of energy of the sympathetic currents, through the ganglion of impar, with the cerebrospinal currents to the pelvis and muscle tissues.

TREATMENT: The contact can be made on the outside, deep, along side of the coccyx, with one finger. The thumb of the other hand, usually the left, opposes the lift through the muscles on the back, near the coccyx and the sacral apex.

Many times lumps will be found in this muscular tissue, between the two contacts illustrated above line A in Chart No.8. Releasing the lumps and tension with moderate pressure between the contacts or with gentle, slow motion, relieves many pelvic stagnations and pains. This treatment is very effective in relieving MENSTRUAL CRAMPS, LUMBAGO, LEG PAINS, COCCYGEAL SORENESS, MUSCLE PULL WHICH CAUSES DISTORTIONS, ETC.

In LUMBAGO pains, treatment through the rectum also helps to release deeper, inner pelvic muscle spasms, when correctly contacted and held for release.

The profound reflexes which can be elicited here by means of deep contacts with corresponding holds at the positive pole above, or at the negative poles below, are amazing.

By lifting the leg and stretching the anterior ligaments and muscles under slight tension - the patient lying face downward - sacral reflexes are produced.


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