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Polarity Therapy Volume 1, Book 2

Chart No. 3
- Composite Picture of the Pattern Forces of the Body and Their Wireless Circuits.

(A) Ultra-sonic [ultrasonic] core

(B) The polarity of the serpentine brain current is reversed in the center of each oval field where the currents cross over each other, thus stepping down the vibratory intensity of the currents also changing the nature of its function in every center and field

(C) The dotted vertical lines are electro magnetic [electromagnetic] wireless waves flowing through the longitudinal muscle fibres [fibers] of the body, giving them tone and maintain the body upright against the inertia of Earth's gravity

(D) The oval horizontal lines around the body are the electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] wireless currents which give tone to the circular fibres [fibers] of the muscles. They correspond to the currents from east to west in the atmosphere

(E) The hands should be turned up with the thumbs forward. But for clarity of illustrating the 5 [five] currents going through the 5 [five] fingers they are shown thus.

(F) The ultra sonic [ultrasonic] energy forms the 6th [sixth] ventricle of the brain and spinal cord. It becomes the primitive streak and the notochord in the embryo.

Electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] energy attracts to its own center of polarity in oval waves. It is prior to the gravity of the Earth, because it overcomes it by muscular motion moved by energy impulses. Earth gravity attracts to its center of gravity in straight lines of force by the square of the distance

The fine white line in the central core is the ultra sonic [ultrasonic] energy current of the soul. It is the primary energy which builds and sustains all others. It flows through the 6th [sixth] ventrical [ventricle] of the brain and spinal cord when these are formed out of its mind pattern energy field. This core is the center of attraction and emanation of all currents from the brain to the extremities. It is the internal gravity of the individual energy and lines of force, distinct from the gravity of the Earth. This is the true basis for individual therapy.

Actual lines of electro magnetic [electromagnetic] force around a solenoid

A bar magnet with concentration of iron filings at the poles similar to head + pelvis

A bar magnet and its field as lines of force

Metakinesis stage
Mitotic cell-division of fertilized whitefish eggs

A microscopic cell. The twisted filaments in the center have self inductive electric capacity through oscilation [oscillation]. Chromosones [Chromosomes] and tubules are made up of insulating material and filled with mineral salts similar to the ocean for conduction of energy.

(A) Vacule

(B) Plastid

(C) Twisted filament

(D) Plasma membrane

(E) Nuclear membrane

(F) Nuclear fluid

(G) Cuticle

(H) Nucleolus

(I) Attraction-spheres containing centrosomes

A carbon atom with 6 [six] electrons circling around a heavy neucleus [nucleus] containing 6 [six] elementary units of positive electric charge.

Illustration Keywords: n [north], s[south]

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