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Polarity Therapy Volume 1, Book 2

Chart No. 12
- Trees of Life in Man. Divine and Physical. Emphasis of Past and Present Viewpoints.

In the brain lie the pattern fields of mind and energy as the crown of creation. In the brain also is the blossom of life's fruits and experiences as consciousness and blissful realization.

(A) Screen of consciousness. Viewer and sound effect center.

(B) Transmitter and loud speaker

(C) Sensory root system of feeling thru [through] the heart center condensing the finer life currents of sound energy and beating it out in rhythmic pulsations.

(A) Vibration radiation antennae

(B) Condenser bulb

A nerve cell with branched dendrites from the cerebellar cortex of a rabbit. This nerve tissue also looks like a miniature tree.

Anterior and posterior view of the divine tree of life in man as seen by Jacob Bohme in the 16th century.[1] Its roots are in the heart center of feeling, love and devotion, growing upwards into the divine world of ideas, it brings forth the fruits of knowledge and illumination.

Trees are energy forms growing in gardens - ovals and spheres of composite energy fields out of their very ground or centers and bring forth fruit thru [through] experience. The tree of life is portrayed here in the very center of the garden the temple or body of man in the etheric vibratory sphere of Eden above the firmament or diaphragm. Trees, in scriptures have a deeper meaning, like the Christmas tree for the pine center in the brain, the pineal gland function of illumination. The sephiroth [sephirot, sefiroth, sefirot] tree of life of the Kabalah [Kabbalah, Kabala, Cabala], the secret doctrine of Israel, has a similar design as Fig. 3 of the nervous system. All emanations in creation are centrifugal and descend from Kether [Keter], the crown of creation, the brain, as the positive pole. Chochma [Chokhmah, Hokhmah], the center of wisdom, of creative speech, equals the middle sphere of Fig. 1. Binah, understanding, the heart center of comprehension thru [through] feeling represents the lower sphere of the triad as the negative pole. Bohme's tree of life represents the centripetal energy of contemplation and illumination.

Man's nervous system emanating from the brain as its root and source like the Kabalistic tree of life. Physical trees of life in the body of man are pathways of the energy currents for the expression of the 5 [five] motor and the 5 [five] sensory senses like the 10 [ten] sephirothic centers of the sephirothic tree of life. The circulation circuits of the body fluids of blood and lymph represent another tree of life with its fruit. The muscular structure reveals another tree with branches that look like a complete man. The external and internal skin reveals a similar design. The bony skeleton is also a form of a tree in man.

These 5 [five] types of trees are the 5 [five] modes of energy spinning as spheres or fields and out of their centers - currents arise as a new pattern of composite energy which has this symbolic form of life, as a natural growth. All cells are electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] conductors and oscilate [oscillate]. They respond to all 5 [five] modes of energy flowing thru [through] them constantly - called prana in the East.

The brain as the root system of generators condensors [condensers] and transformers

Fig. 3 inerted [inverted]; planted like a tree with its root system in the ground. Man is a higher creation with his roots in heaven and his feet on the earth.

The great pyramid of Gizeh [Giza] is a symbol of the temple of man in which his soul lives and ripens thru [through] experience to ascend thru [through] apparent solid matter to divine regions of its own.

In the pyramid of matter all dimensions of past and future lie hidden.

The pyramid rises out of mother earth as one solid structure of stone 486 [four hundred eighty six] feet high covering 13 [thirteen] acres. The base of each of the four triangular sides is 764 [seven hundred sixty four] feet long. These symbolize the four polarized primary elementary forces of matter like the four rivers of Genesis flowing out of one river. See pages 8-9-10 and illustrations on pages 30-31 in "The New Energy Concept of the Healing Art."[2] The base of the great pyramid is the terra firma or the firmament of the diaphragm. In that, it agrees with the divine tree of Bohme. The pit, or the generative sphere is below the earth sphere of the abdomen in this world of mother earth and nature which supports the structure above it on this earth. The limestone cover which once glistened in the sunlight represented the skin.

Illustration Keywords: (fig. 4) brain, spinal cord
(fig. 5) head, crown, Ajana [Ajna] chakra, space between eyes, king's chamber, Hriday [Hridaya] chakra, beauty, queen's chamber, heart, Indri chakra, the foundation, pit, generative system

1 Jakob Böhme, also Jacob Boehme, (1557-1624), a German theologian and an early Lutheran thinker.
2 In The Complete Collected Works, pages 9-14 and Charts 4 and 5, pages 48-49 of Book 1.

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