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Polarity Therapy Volume 1, Book 2

Chart No. 62
- Negative and Neuter [Neutral] Reflex Areas in the Body for the Treatment of Lumps in the Breasts, also Aortic Reflexes in the Legs.

(A) Negative pole of breast reflex

(B) Negative pole of aortic reflex

(C) Neuter [Neutral] pole of breast reflex

(D) Positive motor area of breast

The breasts are secretory glands on the anterior superior portion of the body. The mammae [breasts] have a direct reflex to the uterus in the female and to the prostate in the male via the finer central core wireless energy currents of the caduceus. The neuter [neutral] sensory reflex of this watery triad is in the pelvis anteriorly and in the buttox [buttocks] posteriorly as a motor vital reflex. Congestions, lumps and very sensitive spots in the buttox [buttocks] have a relationship to the breast and its stagnant areas. The most negative pole is on the back of each leg as marked here, which give direct reflexes to the breast and the nipples. These areas are usually very tender on the legs. Working on the leg area with one hand and on the buttox [buttocks] or brachial area with the other, polarizes the action in these two fields. When the shoulder area is included and the reflexes balanced with the negative and neuter [neutral] poles, the breasts function better by the wireless current flow. With the patient on the side, a gentle rocking motion is the procedure on either two areas at once. Or with the patient lying face down, a gentle rocking motion headward is applied by any two contacts.

The breasts are not treated directly. The calves of the legs will act as a diversion treatment when heat or counter-irritants are applied. Blistering in this area gives excellent reactions because it is in the negative field where the real clogging exists in the energy field and in the tissues.

The back of the knees are reflexes of the abdominal aorta. Often we find an enlargement there of the tibial artery which throbs. On the left leg it indicates back pressure in the abdominal aorta and heart damage. The thrombosis is causing sufficient pressure to dilate the artery here like a bulb. It should be supported by an elastic bandage, and the resistance area polarized. It is usually below the dilation where the thrombosis is active in arterial obstruction. Above the dilation or ulcer in venous obstruction leeches applied to relieve this block below the arterial dilation is the only logical procedure. This has to be repeated several times because arteries are located deeper and drainage through the capillaries must be relied upon. The King of England[1] had an arterial thrombosis. The neuter [neutral] pole area around the umbilicus should be freed.

1 King George VI (1895-1952), King of England from 1936 to 1952, died from a coronary thrombosis after a long series of major illnesses including lung cancer and arteriosclerosis.

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