Book 2: The Wireless Anatomy of Man & Its Function - A Course in Manipulative Therapy with Principles & Illustrations

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Summary of Principles

the etheric substance of matter. Latent energy is also present in grosser media. These conveyors are necessary for resistance and exercise to cellular structures.

8. The three Gunas as the three universal principles of motion everywhere; positive, Raja [Rajas]; and negative, Tamas; spinning around a neuter [neutral] center, Satva [Sattva, Sattwa]. These become the polarity principle in the human body, the superior, middle, and inferior in importance to consciousness, life and motion. The foundation of the polarity principle is active in the embryonic stages of building the body. This wireless principle carries thru [through] life after the wires and tubes are established. The primary patterns of currents function over this step-down mechanism called the body. Blocks in this energy field and its circuits are the fine ethereal and material causes of pain and disease. Re-establishment of currents in balance with the center or the neuter [neutral] field is expressed as the normal stage known as health.

Application of these three modes of energy thru [through] manipulative therapy to balance currents and release blockades in the finer circuits as well as in the gross conductors opens the fields for every known therapy.

A. A neuter [neutral] principle (Satva [Sattva, Sattwa]) of any soothing, balancing application is indicated. Here a very light touch thru [through] polarity of the fingers to polarity centers of the body is used.

B. A positive principle (Raja [Rajas], action, motion) of manipulative therapy is expressed in directive force applied to the body either with or against the current flow. Other therapy, such as application of light, heat, electricity or anything radiating and stimulating in nature is used internally or externally and must also be of a positive nature.

C. A negative principle (Tamas, darkness, cold, inertia, and resistance) which must be aroused and counteracted by therapies which are dispersive, scattering, eliminating, forceful, deep and penetrating, eliciting a definite reaction thru [through] the resisting action of the negative pole, thus arousing it and tuning it into the circuit.

9. In the human body, the dual brain currents of the caduceus and the electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] circuits are definite factors to be balanced in relation to the individual centers of polarity and to the finer cosmic energy fields of exchange externally. As a final balancing physical factor, the reaction of the gravity of the earth on muscles and joints must not be overlooked.

10. The emphasis is on the release of the individual forces of the soul by direct intervention of finding and removing the wireless energy blocks, no matter of what nature they may be. The centrifugal energy can sweep the field clean if duly aroused and if enough latent energy is present for a reaction. Miraculous cures in history can be better understood by a process of exaltation of the soul energies, or an influx of force of a subtle quality thru [through] the ultra-sonic [ultrasonic] central beam of radiant energy within the organism.


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