Book 3: Polarity Therapy & Its Triune Function - A New Manipulative Therapy

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Viewpoints on Therapy and Progress

to acceptable values of progress in professional and commercial fields - much less to extend this idea to the healing arts of today. The material body concept still rules supreme instead of taking into consideration the energies which built the house according to the mental patterns of the soul which is the tenant in this house of clay known as the body. The energies of the airy principle in matter and in the body, plus the atomic energy radiations as electromagnetic fields, have not yet found acceptance by present-day science and research in the healing arts, for man's benefit. The very thought that man's body is a product of Nature in energy fields, as atomic units compiled in a form by attractive forces, is a strange and unassimilated idea so far.

That man must have air, food, liquids, clothing and warmth from the outside is accepted in so far as solids, liquids and air are concerned. But the idea of the atomic energy fields of exchange in these conveyors and by direct absorption, is still a brand new idea, awaiting acceptance. Man is considered more or less an independent unit. His dependence on exchange of energy in the wireless field of Nature, like a receiving set in a broadcasting field, is still a new idea. Even his grounding to the earth is overlooked - plus his possibility of direct perception and absorption of energy.

Harvey's[1] discovery of the circulation of the blood was slowly accepted by science. But the idea of a constant interweaving of wireless energies through fields in the body of man in relation to the cosmos, is still in the stage of being resisted. The atoms - yes; Nature - yes; these can be tested and proven. But man is too complex, even as a material being, to be proven by crude machines or instruments which man has made up to this time. At present man has to be convinced from the outside by necessity or force. Intuitional, direct perception within himself is not yet granted nor recognized by the research methods of today, regardless of the doctrine of the right of individual selectiveness, freedom of thought, independence and equality.

The necessity of air from the outside for every breath we take is freely conceded. But any similar constant exchange of the finer forces of Nature with man is questioned and doubted because our research in this direction has not yet been developed. All accepted findings are still based on the old concept of matter and its most external, gross findings and tests. So far, all that is considered is a purely outside reaction of effects upon effects and not the person as a whole at all. That is really what holds back the physical progress of man. He himself is not represented in the search. Only his symptoms and effects are over-valued without relationship to the real underlying causes of energy flow and its blocks or obstructions.

The mind takes up the symptom pattern as a cause and intensifies it by focusing the attention on the symptom. The usual result is fear, the negative factor of dis-ease [disease]. Often the mind centers on the symptoms and emphasizes their importance to such an extent that the mind needs curing from such symptoms, galvanized into it as a fear pattern, even after the physical condition has changed for the better.

In our haste to measure and test the findings of external symptoms, only the solid and liquid aspects of matter are included. The airy principle, in its positive effect as life energy intake, and in its negative effect as gases in tissues which block the energy current's flow, are utterly forgotten because this is not yet a part of the present-day methods nor is it considered as a dis-ease [disease] factor in the minds of physicians and scientists. So no remedy has been developed to relieve these painful conditions.

1 William Harvey (1578-1657), an English physician who was the first to describe the circulatory system in detail.


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