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Leeches and Their Value in Polarity Therapy[1]

Atomic research has clearly demonstrated the energy principle as the foundation of all matter. Obstructed energy fields are forces in turmoil and ready to erupt any time, wherever they are. All contending forces leave a residue of refuse and destruction on the battlefield. Even so, do the unpolarized contending forces in the blood stream leave a host of dead red and white cells, loaded with impurity, in any area where the residue may be accumulated after many battles, when the natural forces are not able to cope with them through the usual channels of elimination. The residue is then pushed to an external location, if possible, where there is less danger to the vital force by this blockade. If this is not possible, then there is great danger of serious damage to central organs and to life, as in apoplexy, cerebral hemorrhage and the like.

The application of leeches is an old therapy but no such reason for their use has ever been offered. In fact, blood-letting [bloodletting] and leeching was overdone in the middle ages in Europe. The simple theory behind it all was that in the blood was the impurity which endangered life; so they let some out for every occasion, with the idea of purifying and thinning out the rest. The three disease-producing factors were said to be in the blood, and so they were letting it out.[2] The practice was abused because it was not understood. However, when the blood becomes too impure to act as a conveyor of the life forces because of heavy diet and lack of elimination, something should naturally be done about it. Un-oxidized tissue dies of asphyxiation much the same as the sum total of cells - the individual.

Proper diet may prevent further filling up of the blood stream with wastes, but it seldom takes care of the blood sludge which has accumulated. Merely letting out some venous blood from the circulation through venesection is not clearing the deposited accumulation which has been scattered through muscle tissue, like in lumbago and other acute cramps of muscles. These blood particles may even become crystals, so sharp that they cut the tissue cells in which the waste deposits lodge, when the muscle attempts to contract. Be that as it may, the absence of oxygen and the life energy is quite sufficient to cause paroxysm in the affected area, through the asphyxiation of tissue cells. Also, the energy currents blocked there, accumulate sufficient back-pressure for constriction or swelling, through excess of material in the blood which is caught in the tissue cells and cannot escape because the proper solvent is not present to release the chemical block from this accumulation.

The factors are first vital, then chemical through oxygen starvation and wastes; also mechanical in quantity pressure and the sharpness of the acid particles in the tissues. The situation is like a morass locally, or quicksand in a roadbed. The impurity may be so great that this blood could not be allowed in the general circulation without producing a fatal reaction when it strikes a vital center like the floor of the fourth ventricle of the medulla oblongata, or the bundle of His[3] in the heart, etc.

In secondary local conditions of severity and chronic accumulation, the gentle withdrawal of the blood sludge - by the application of leeches - would be a help to the system and a relief to the patient. FRESH BLOOD HEALS BECAUSE IT IS A CARRIER OF THE LIFE ENERGY IN THE OXYGEN CONTENTS OF THE BLOOD. As the blood sludge is slowly removed by the application of leeches, the body manufactures pure, fresh blood to take its place in the circulation; whereas the sludge was stagnating in the local area and obstructing perfect circulation.

Even after the acute stages of cerebral hemorrhage have passed, the local application of leeches relieves the brain tissue of the blood sludge which otherwise obstructs vital brain areas

1 NOTE: Medicinal usage of leeches is still widely practiced today. However, the receipt and use of medicinal leeches is a regulated practice. Legally, leeches cannot be used without an appropriate professional status. Dr. Stone's books were intended for primary care medical professionals who had such status. If you plan on incorporating leech therapy, be sure to learn the regulations and laws regarding its practice for your country and area.
2 Bloodletting was an aspect of an ancient medical system founded on the idea that health was based on maintaining a balance of the four humors: blood, phlegm, black bile, and yellow bile. Even after the humoral system was abandoned in favor of Enlightened medicine, the practice continued well into the 19th century.
3 The bundle of cardiac muscle fibers that conducts the electrical impulses that regulate the heartbeat; also called the atrioventricular bundle. It is named for Dr. Wilhelm His, Jr. (1863-1934), a Swiss cardiologist and anatomist.


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