Book 4: The Mysterious Sacrum - The Key to Body Structure & Function

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Comments on Reprint of Chart No. 11 from Book II

This chart endeavored to illustrate in geometric outlines, some of the psychophysiological principles which are also presented in chart No.4 of book III.

An interior and posterior view of the human body is given in figures 1 and 2, with the interlaced triangle of the "Seal of Solomon the King"[1] (the dweller in the body) placed correctly in the house of God (the human body). The temple built by King Solomon contained great mystery and symbolic meaning.

Posteriorly, the base of the upper triangle cuts through the foramen magnum of the occipital bone, the ring of Solomon, where the automatic [autonomic] or magic actions take place, which build and preserve the temple not built by the hand of man.

The apex of this triangle dips into the very center of the sacral fluid, at a point midway between its articulating center on each side. The above and below unite in a synchronized triune action of this triangle. This is one of the secrets of Solomon, the king who lives in this temple but has lost the key to the secret.

The other triangle has its base in the pelvis, and its line crosses the exact center of the sacral articulations and touches the point of the upper triangle in the middle of the cerebrospinal fluid in the center. This is the "living geometry of life's vital force" as motor energy in the sacrum. It is symbolized by a cobra, ready to strike, and is called the "Kundalini" in the Tantric philosophy of India. (See figure 5 near the bottom of this chart.)

The apex of this triangle joins the center of the cord about in the floor of the fourth ventricle, in the medulla oblongata, where the center of the automatic [autonomic] life energy seems to operate. Again, this shows that our mere structural relationship of bones and tissues and muscles is not the "secret of the king" who is vitality and life itself in the body of clay. It definitely points to a deeper relationship, latent in the structure of the sacrum, to that of the automatic life center.

Figure 2 illustrates the same relationship in front of the body, by the proper placing of Solomon's triangles. The base of the upper triangle cuts through the seat of the center of consciousness, a point between the eyebrows. This is the sensory center of mind function, as perception, through mind and light waves. This becomes the fire in the eyes, as the positive pole, and the heat that digests food in the neuter [neutral] pole of the abdomen, and it becomes the motion center of running, expressed in the thighs as the negative pole. It is all linked together as "seeing, preserving, nourishing and motion", to prevent the body from running into danger.

This apex goes to the very center of the pubic bone and becomes the involuting vital perservative [preservative] and regenerative energy consciousness which not only preserves and nourishes the body but is instrumental in continuing the line of the specie.

The lower anterior triangle has its base at the apex center of the upper one and dips lower in front in the pelvis to cross the pubic arch, below the great trochanters of the femur. Its upper point is at the center of consciousness, between the eyebrows, as mentioned before, where it crosses the base line of the superior triangle and leaves a wedge-like space in the brain area, where the goddess of WISDOM, also known as Pallas Athena, or Minerva resides in the golden-locked head of Zeus or Jupiter.[2] This may be a myth but, strange to say, all the spiritual faculties of man are exactly related to this central upper area of the brain.

1 The six-pointed star, or Star of David.
2 According to Greek legend, Athena sprang fully grown from the brow of Zeus.


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