Book 5: Vitality Balance - Further Explorations of Polarity Principles & Techniques

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Chart No. 1: The Vital Creative Flame

Vita-life is symbolized as a radiant flame of energy which is the heart and core of every living thing. Its Source is in higher regions of energy, as its vibratory intensity indicates. It is the warmth of life in the blood of all animated existence. Even in vegetation, it is the sap of life which ascends from the roots of the tree upward to the branches and the leaves.

The vital flame is the expression of life in all forms of creation as animated function and motion. Without this mysterious flame there would be no living things on earth. It is also called the Sacred Flame because all life is a gift from God. It is beyond the ken of the mortal mind. It is the Master Builder of forms as temples for souls incarnating in this world. It sustains us and by it we live and move and have our being; but we know it not. Neither do we understand it nor its mode of motion in our body and in our being. It is so close to us that we have no real perspective of it. We all seek more of Vitality and a longer life, but this sacred gift remains a mystery just the same.

In health we nurse it and cherish it. In illness we seek outside remedies to balance it and to sustain its function. However we look at the problem, it is the very same life expressed in herbs or vegetation, in a special chemical quality by which we seek to aid the vital energy in our body to establish or re-establish its equilibrium and normal function. Vital balance is the secret of life and health. It is the 'Eldorado'[1] which we seek when we are ill.

The functions of our body are many, but Vitality is one as the prime mover of them all. We seek to aid these functions by means of chemistry, vitamins, enzymes, harmones [hormones], endocrines, etc. All means are geared to one idea; namely, to aid this vital energy and bring offerings to its altar of life so that it may accept them and carry on the lagging function in our body.

What will a man give for his life? The real question involved in illness is what can man give to life? Will life accept anything? Will it act upon it? Will it use it? Can it benefit by it? Has the house of life become a beggar all at once, and the Giver of all an empty shrine of the Sacred Flame? What can be done? is the cry in every illness, in mental and emotional distress and imbalance. We have tried this and that, and the results are sad.

Really, what has gone wrong with this lusty life in our body, the springy step, the light in the eyes and the song in our hearts? Has the flame of life receded so far because of

1 Eldorado, or El Dorado, is a legendary city of gold thought to be somewhere in the Amazon Basin in South America.


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