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The Airy Principle as a Triune Function in the Body

accumulate like in a reservoir. The lungs act as a positive pole or intake, and superior pole exchange of exhaust through exhalation. For perfect health and vitality, these energy fields must co-ordinate as positive, neuter [neutral] and negative functions of life and elimination.

When the neuter [neutral] reservoir is loaded with gases and the exit is not functioning properly, the back pressure goes through the tissues of the body as shooting pains anywhere, also producing spasms of the diaphragm known as hiccoughs [hiccups]. In such a condition, pressure on nerve reflex areas in the abdomen will cause head symptoms to appear via the pneumogastric nerve [vagus nerve, CN X] current reflex as well as the diffused gases in the blood stream and tissues. Indigestion and the resulting gaseous end products of fermentation are responsible for excess gases in the colon, which is their natural place of storage.

Indigestion is one of the most common complaints of young and old. Babies cry because of it, youngsters bend over with their hands pressing on the abdomen, and old folks moan when the gas pressure and its resulting pain is too severe.

The normal temperature in the stomach is 105 degrees F. [Fahrenheit, 40.5 Celsius] and about 106 F. [Fahrenheit, 41 Celsius] in the small intestines. Gastric juices are secreted by the mucous membranes of the stomach and pour over the food as it is mixed and churned in the stomach. When enough of this fluid is secreted, it preserves the food during the process of digestion. However, if this fiery energy is diverted to other parts at this time, then the digestion is incomplete and the food sours and ferments, belching being a natural evidence of this condition.

The amount of food put into the stomach at one time, the quality, the combination, and at what temperature, are all important factors in the process of digestion, assimilation in the small intestines, and elimination through the colon. The colon is the gathering place and the natural storage area of waste and gases. Any solid matter or gas which has passed through the iliocecal valve must be eliminated downward.


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