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Polarity Therapy Volume 2, Book 5

Chart No. 2
- Structural Balance Functional Contacts

As above, so below

Energy impulses flow downward and outward. Sensory and structural reflexes flow upward and inward. The geometric proportion of two ends depends on polarity currents for balance between them and with gravity outside. Gravity is but the mirror to show polarity distortions.

Dotted lines are contact points for pelvic therapy, for prostate, bladder, uterus and lower back pains. (See Chart No. 8 on page 81 and pages 82, 83 and 84 in Book I.)

(A) Ganglion of impar

Illustration Keywords: sphenoid, occiput, 1C [C1], 2C [C2], 3C [C3], 4C [C4], 5C [C5], 6C [C6], 7C [C7], 1D [T1], 10D [T10], 11D [T11], 12D [T12], 1L [L1], 2L [L2], 3L [L3], 4L [L4], 5L [L5], sacrum, coccyx, cervical, dorsal [thoracic], lumbar

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Book 5, "Explanation of Chart No. 2"

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