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Polarity Therapy Volume 2, Book 5

Chart No. 4
- Foundation Circuits

Fig. 1 shows the ligaments and connective tissue in their position for polarity response to influence the entire body posture. This is the foundation for structural correction. Elastic feet with a springy step indicate good vitality.

(A) Head

(B) Neck

(C) Shoulders

(D) Throat, thyroid, goiter

(E) Kidney

(F) Colon

(G) Sacrum

Fig. 2 shows muscles and tendons which assist in posture conditioning and in functional responses through polarity stimulation. "As below, so above."

Structures rest on foundations which must yield to the total impulse in motion.

(A) Tonsils

(B) Throat

(C) Occiput

(D) Lungs

(E) Diaphragm

(F) Liver

(G) Kidneys

(H) Colon also top of foot

(I) Umbilicus, intestines

(J) Pelvis

(K) Uterus

(L) Bladder

(M) Prostate

Body centers found in the feet. Compare with Chart No. 4 in "Wireless Anatomy", Book 2.

Book 5, Chart 3 ~ Book 5, Chart 5

Book 5, "Explanation of Chart No. 4"

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