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Polarity Therapy Volume 2, Book 5

Chart No. 15
- Vital Spinal Balancing Vertical and Lateral

Fig. 1 shows the finger position in the double contacts, 1 & 2 [one and two], for a superior-inferior balance per Chart No. 2.

Fig. 2 contact is on the 5th lumbar [fifth lumbar, L5] and 1st cervical [first cervical, C1]. It takes the knee support to make the lower contact firm, also for occipital and sacral contacts.

Dotted lines on head and hip in Fig. 2 are for parietal contact with innominate [hip] contact.

Fig. 3 shows a double, lateral contact for balancing one side with the other.

Fig. 4 shows position of both hands for spinal contacts - above and below - per figures 1 & 2

Book 5, Chart 14 ~ Book 5, Chart 16

Book 5, "Explanation of Chart No. 15"

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