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Polarity Therapy Volume 2, Book 5

Chart No. 18
- Occiput and Sacrum, Sphenoid and Coccyx Relationships

Fig. 1 shows the sphenoid bone areas on the skull, anteriorly, and the great wings, laterally. It is known that even a light pressure on the eyeballs changes the pulse beat. Whether the sphenoid is a factor in this is not yet determined.

The great wing on each side of the head is a contact point for balancing the spinal current with the coccyx on the opposite side. Being on the side of the head, the current crosses over to the other side, below.

Fig. 2: The top of the head, at the sutures, marked 'X', is also a free thumb contact point for the central axis current in the body, together with a gentle contact on the tip of the coccyx with the middle finger of the other hand. The right hand below favors the upward, return current from the positive finger of the positive hand, to the neuter [neutral] thumb of the left or negative hand. Reversing the hands, favors the downward impulse of energy waves.

The relationship of the occiput and the sacrum, and the sphenoid and the coccyx is illustrated here as a continuation of articulations. Response of currents to contacts verifies this geometric arrangement, from the top of the spine to the bottom, as shown in Chart No. 2 in this book.

--- = Contact points in center and on both sides.

Right side of coccyx, left sphenoid.

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