Book 2: The Wireless Anatomy of Man & Its Function - A Course in Manipulative Therapy with Principles & Illustrations

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Dedication - Introduction - Summary of Principles - Lists of Charts -
Charts 1 to 52 - Explanations of Charts 43 and 44 -
Lest We Forget - Wireless Anatomy Commentary

List of Charts




Current Connection of Centers - Continuous Energy Flow thru [through] Centers

1 8

Chart of the Subtle Prana Currents in the Human Body and Their Chakras as Whirling Primary Functional Centers of Energy

2 9

Composite Picture of the Pattern Forces of the Body and Their Wireless Circuits

3 10

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Chart of Body Areas Based on the Regional Relation of Wireless Currents of Energy Flow

4 11

Electro-magnetic [Electromagnetic] Waves of the Body and Their Polarity

5 12

Electro-magnetic [Electromagnetic] Currents and Their Proper Anatomical Relations - Anterior and Posterior View of Overall Sweep Plus Polarity Centers

6 13

Electro-magnetic [Electromagnetic] Waves of the Body and Their Polarity - Currents from Each Lobe of the Brain - Horizontal Waves of Electro-magnetic [Electromagnetic] Energy Flow

7 14

Electro-magnetic [Electromagnetic] Waves over the Head Areas and Their Polarity

8 15

Wireless Energy Therapy Chart of the Five Pointed Star

9 16

The Five Pointed Star in the Human Body as Nature's Geometric Keyboard of Lines of Force and Their Reflexes

10 17

Energy Therapy Chart of the Lines of Force of the Interlaced Triangle

11 18

Trees of Life in Man - Divine and Physical - Emphasis of Past and Present Viewpoints

12 19

A Geometric Relationship of Lines of Force of Energy Currents, Gravity and Weight Bearing Surfaces of the Body

13 20

Normal Muscular Fibres [Fibers]

14 21

Comparative Charts of Anatomy

15 22

Comparative Charts of Anatomy

16 23

Thumbs as Neuter [Neutral] Reflexes Embracing the Entire Areas below the Diaphragm on Each Side of the Body Compared to Reflexes around the Outside of the Ankles as the Negative Pole

17 24

Measuring the Legs for Comparative Length to Determine the Side of the Most Contracted Electro-Magnetic [Electromagnetic] Circuit which Is One Definite Measure of Imbalance, Distinct from Gravity

18 25


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